Time to tackle taxes

Concerned about the Cost of Living Crisis; skyrocketing home mortgages; interest rates?

You can persuade politicians to guide government to tax the highest earning  taxpayers more highly than lower earning taxpayers.

For decades Australians have joined Voters and  used Votergrams  to persuade politicians and guide government to do what the voters want.

Individual taxpayers pay 32.5% on every dollar over $45,000; 37% over $120,000; 45% over $180,000 plus 10% GST.

Big public company taxpayers pay a flat  25% on multi-billion dollar earnings and get their GST back

Voters control political careers.

Voters and Votergrams enable you to persuade politicians to  do what is fair to you!

Those who remain silent cannot be heard so suffer neglect in silence.

Demonstrate in the nicest of ways, what you want done.

Educate your elected representatives about your needs.

Millions  want different things. Government can’t please all, but can please you.

One poor person has the same voting power  as one rich person.

Convincing politicians is a game changer for individual voters .

Remember that MPs are your  “Representatives”, not your leaders.

Aim for government Action. It mostly prefers to talk, discuss, confer and defer.

Challenging the status quo requires strategic thinking and communication.

Representation works on numbers. Majority, not fairness or justice, rules.

You can move metaphorical mountains the Votergram way if it is WJWD .