How can Christians stop violent men attacking women?

Suggest Solutions
In Australia suggesting solutions to each and every Member of each and every Parliament by Votergram is a good start

Polite Persistent Political Persuasion in the Privacy of Parliament has been Proven to Pay off as the best Path to Progress.

If you leave violence against women to somebody else,  it will never stop! Individual voters have the most power, not their non-voting organisations or protest marches. Thinking that an individual is powerless is a serious mistake since Votergrams came into being 38 years ago

It is your vote that empowers your voice!

Your vote + your voice = political power. It needs to be used strategically. If you will not use your vote to stop violence against women then your voice is as a whisper in the wind – of no consequence at all. Votergrams help you speak up persuasively. That is how democracy works.

Then monitor what individual MPs and Parties do and vote in the next election in your electorate on what your candidates and their parties have done about violent men and violence against women.

If nothing has been done to stop it, you can effectively campaign in one of the many marginal state and federal electorates held by less than 10% to elect different MPs who will stop it.

That is how democracy works!

MPs are your greatest  allies

Despite the media image of them, most MPs are very helpful and keen to solve problems. On the issue of violence towards women, many men are very happy with their violence and abuse against women, because other men would not tolerate it and mostly have the strength and aggression not fight back. Men hold just as many votes as women and politicians are aware that many men do not want the violence which gives them power, to be curtailed.

Women physically, mentally and emotionally have not the strength or aggression to fight back. They are mostly loving caring people. Frequently they do not want the men to be stopped by force , but to change themselves. Perhaps it is not the nature of the male animal to do that. So the violent men need to be stopped with whatever works. Votergrams giving all MPs your idea work well because parliament is a voting forum and the majority always rules.

Votergrams work well for those prepared to put in the time, effort and a small amount of money to cover the cost.

A Voice for Victims

“Ask and you will most receive”

Residents Rally
Residents in Queensland have rallied to form an organisation Voice for Victimsqld, to specifically deal with increasing youth  violence by giving Victims a Voice. Sydney is currently in the grips of murderous gangland gun violence and deadly domestic violence. But there are also victims of population neglect in housing, education, health care, pay rates, aged care and family services as well as crime prevention. The two groups may be related. Increased housing density can cause violence and road rage, as people get fractured with each other in such close proximity to so many others. It impacts not only crime but, mental health as well.

Population Services
The federal government adds huge numbers to our population annually on top of our natural increase, without funding state and territory governments to ensure that those people have homes, good education, career training, well paid jobs and parenting training to help their children and teens. Child and family support services have been at crisis point for years but still the huge annual population increases continue. Why? To increase demand for goods and services and decrease wages, mainly to profit Big Business Billionaires and their Multi-millionaire executives.

Our democratic system of government gives us every opportunity to live well, but it requires guidance by voters . Politicians, bureaucrats, public servants and government contractors do not have super-brains to know all the answers or even all the problems, even if they do care at all, which many don’t. The only people in government over which we everyday Australians have any power, are the Members of Parliament who we elect and can easily replace. They can be most helpful.

Giving Guidance
Our governments, state and federal, need and do receive guidance from voters. At present the most active and vocal voters guiding government are a tiny minority of the population, the wealthy Big Business owners, executives and their paid lobbyists. The vast majority of Australians in suburbs, towns and cities, on farms or in remote communities, remain absolutely silent towards government.

The Silent Majority cannot, by definition, be heard. They don’t realise that also causes them to be neglected.  They think that government knows all the answers and wants to help them. Dream on!

The Votergram service enables every single one of those silent Australians and their organisations to have a very effective and influential voice for guiding government. For decades some of them have successfully guided government by Votergram. But with the help of the many who remain silent we could solve many more problems. Votergrams are highly trusted by those who like to work without great fanfare or notoriety. They  use polite persistent political persuasion in the privacy of parliament to achieve their goals. Instead of confrontation this promotes cooperation.

The essence of a  Votergram is that its message is short (100 words max) and is sent personally addressed to each and every Member of the relevant Parliament. Politicians are then honoured for the help they give to the senders. You too can send Votergrams or organise a Votergram Campaign. The problems you raise may be personal or national, local, state or territory related. Parliament can be your greatest ally, if handled correctly.