Love your neighbour

You may not stumble across a traveler beaten by thieves as you drive to the city, so who are the neighbours Christ taught us to help?the good samaritan

They include those people, predominantly but not exclusively women and children, being brutally beaten and abused in their homes by a family member who at some time loved them; the students unable to get enough good education to take them into rewarding careers; the elderly people neglected and invisible in homes or aged care facilities.

The Good Samaritan found an inn keeper and paid for the beaten man’s care. The Samaritan gave time, effort and money as the token of love for this stranger. The way we behave on Earth determines our life in heaven.

FairGO offers every Christian a practical and powerful way to love their neighbours in need and to provide them with the care they need. The best body to help the victims of domestic and family violence, students in poverty and our elderly people, is government. Government is controlled by Parliament and parliament is made up of people we elect to represent us. While you can help one or two, perhaps a dozen people personally, Christians by leveraging their effort through government have been able to help hundreds or even thousands.

God has given us two very effective ways to influence our Members of Parliament to guide government, to do what is required by those most in need.

The ultra cheap Votergram service, run  by dedicated Christians, combines diplomacy, psychology and strategy to help every Australian Christian bring government support to those who most need it. Votergrams have enabled Christians to change and save many lives.

Voters Network Australia educates voters on how to persuade politicians in order to guide government to operate in a Christian way. While we have a Christian PM is a good time to act rather than hiding our good ideas from the decision-makers under a cloud of modesty.

If you have a burning desire to do what Jesus taught, email me, Greg at FairGO and find out how you can follow Christ’s teaching by pouring out Christian love on those most in need. You will be able to arrange care for them by the bodies with the greatest resources in Australia, our governments.

It does not necessarily mean government spending vast amounts of money. What it involves is a little bit more help or “love” for those who need it. FairGO gives you the best opportunity in Australia to become a “Good Australian” and help your neighbours in need.

Next time I will explain how you can move metaphorical mountains when you follow Christ’s teachings.

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