Of course Black Lives Matter!

Of course black lives matter just as much as any other lives matter. It is a question of whether they matter to you enough to do something about it that actually costs you time, effort and money. If it doesn’t then those lives will remain at risk.

But if they matter enough for you to act to prevent their loss that will happen.

Government actions match the will of the people. If you live in Australia you have superbly responsive politicians who understand that their careers depend on doing what the people want done. Their problem is that the people do not often tell them. If they do, it is often with noisy and threatening street demonstrations which make the politicians look stupid, neglectful and weak.

That is not the most effective way to treat the very people you need on side to make the changes you want.

There are two other ways Australians can influence what society does in a quiet, diplomatic and encouraging way rather than in a threatening way, though the threat of being voted out remains the same. Although, the people who demonstrate are more often people who did not vote for the party in power and so their demonstration does not threaten the loss of so many votes.

  1. Join Voters Network which is in the process of establishing a taskforce on  A Fair Go for Black Australians. The taskforce will determine what the major challenges to be faced are; what the best solutions from the viewpoint of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are ; and campaign in parliaments to have the solutions adopted. It will take some work so we need as many people to share the load as possible. No point depending on government to do it because government needs to be driven by the voters who pay and elect it. http://www.voters.network
  2. To express your views right now as to what the government should do, contact FairGO and ask to send a Votergram to each one of the 225 Federal MPs and each one of your state MPs offering your solution. You will be given a special discount as this is a matter of national importance. If as a Christian you prefer to pay the full price then you will help FairGO to continue giving every Australian, young, old, black, white or any other colour, specifically including the Aboriginal community, a very effective voice to parliament which has operated for over 30 years. We just don’t make a big fuss about it. http://www.fairgo.org .

None of us are so busy that we cannot spare the time to do what Jesus told us to do. Aboriginals are in trouble and this is when the story of The Good Samaritan prompts us to act, for what we do not do will be used to assess us as well as what we do do.  Join in. We need your help to make Christian principles serve Australia well.


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