A Christian driven Democracy

Votergrams helped bring Australian David Hicks home from Guantanamo Bay. Those who want Julian Assange to be tried and dealt with in the UK  or Australia should use Votergrams to help Aussie MPs persuade their US counterparts.

That some jailing is failing in many cases to prevent crime is self-evident. If interested in backing the Justice Reform Initiative to find more effective solutions for our safety, please email greg@fairgo.org with “Cut crime” in the subject line. I will get back to you. It will not happen without substantial voter support which is most effectively conveyed by Votergram!

Those wanting greater choice of vaccines can make their views known by Votergrams to the most powerful people in Australia – all federal MPs. Votergrams are the most cost-effective means of influencing government.

As Christmas approaches it is worth thinking about what we can give to improve the lives of the least advantaged Aussies and how that will also improve our own lives. Australians have unique tools and strategies available to them through FairGO, Voterlobby, Voters Network and Votergrams. Power and influence spread over the Australian people is the least corrupting and most effective of all.

Instead of huffing and puffing about blowing China’s Taiwan house down if the USA wants us to, we might be better to use our trade as a negotiating tool. We buy a heap from China that we could subject to high tariffs as they did to our wine and we export a heap of coal and primary products to China that we could  stop. Talk and trade are a lot better bargaining chips than bombs and battleships.

Come on Christians, come on. Flex your muscles and guide the government. It is your country. You pay the taxes. You elect the politicians to represent you. Ask properly and you will mostly receive what you want if it is fair and good for others too. Don’t leave it all to God.

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