Democracy, like Christianity is not for spectators, but participants.

You could help stop corruption, neglect and incompetence spoiling our Australian dream – just by getting a tiny bit involved!

Would you please consider sparing 5 minutes a month (an hour a year) to share your Christian perspective on issues that interest you?

How much corruption, neglect and incompetence in government can you tolerate before it seriously damages all of our lives & those of children and grandchildren? We are all busy, but our democracy is driven by those who get involved, for those who get involved and those for whom they care. Just as Pilate was driven by the self-interested crowd chanting “crucify”, Australia is also driven.

At present, due to voter neglect, Australia is driven by the rich and powerful, the media barons, politicians, political parties and political donors, all primarily for themselves. Most people, quite logically, think of themselves first.

600 Australians already work, free of party politics, with FairGO and Voters Network or use Votergrams to help politely and persistently guide our parliaments along an honest and fair path. But there are 16 million voters in Australia, so we need more than 600 people to share their views on what should be done.

Please join Voters Network, now and do your bit for Australia. It is free and funded by member donations and fees for services, no government money!

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