Votergrams make powerful political allies!

Strikes & protests make powerful enemies.

We may love our enemies, but our friends are more likely to help us.

If ever there was a profession that reflected Christian values it is Nursing.

Nurses don’t have to strike to get patient/nurse ratios, shift bonuses and pay right.

Nor do teachers, doctors, paramedics and other government service providers.

They need to individually explain their cases and seek support from every MP in Parliament by Votergram.

Christ said ” Ask and you will receive”. If you don’t personally ask the decision-makers and explain your case to them, how could you possibly receive the right decision.

Votergrams reflect the parable of the sower. Some MPs help some don’t. You only need some more on side to make a difference.

How could making enemies of decision-makers possibly be sensible?

Forget bureaucrats. They are the people who can say “NO!”. Voters have no impact on them whatsoever.

Members of Parliament are the people who can say “YES!” because MPs control the bureaucrats AND Members of Parliament are  the people over whom individual voters have great influence, for individual voters decide whether politicians are elected to parliament and whether in government or opposition. They are very powerful, whether as friends or as allies.

Make them powerful allies with Votergrams and win your campaign for a fairer, safer Australia.

Jesus also said “where 2 or 3 are gathered together…” because it adds credibility.  When a number of Voters send Votergrams seeking the same outcome and supplying their own individual reasons for why it should, that also adds credibility in the eyes of MPs seeking the best outcome for the Australian people.

For additional experienced support join the Australian Voters Network  or contact community lobbyist and Democracy Coach FairGO.

The old concept of a peak body speaking for its members is no longer valid because it does not vote in government elections. The wisest Peak Bodies make their detailed submissions to the Minister and Departmental Head then help their members, who do vote in elections, express their own views and reasons, to every Member of Parliament by Votergram.

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