The Good Samaritan was a Life changer. You can be too!

Anyone in Australia reading the newspapers watching TV or going on line would realise that the world and the Australian part of it particularly is mired in problems at present.

How staggering in one of the greatest periods of affluence that we have ever seen.

Many are unhappy with governments yet unable to work out how to improve what those governments do. We have a new federal government and NSW is just heading to an election.

Out taxes are being used as “vote bait” by major political parties. How tragic is it that political parties in power of all persuasions make the voters suffer neglect in between elections so that they can announce popular policies just before elections to win votes in marginal seats.

And how annoying that the opposition waits until just before elections to promise huge spending of our money for the benefit too of those in marginal electorates so that those voters will vote for them. But the fault is ours if we vote in return for payment  by way of services with out own money.

Ignore the promises. Vote on past performance.

There is a solution. Ignore the election promises which may well not be met anyway. Vote simply on the basis of how our own local MP has performed, regardless of party. Unless we go into a marginal electorate, it is only our local Member who we elect. The better that person is the better our government and society will be.

Majority rules

But Christian influence goes far beyond elections. After the election any voter prepared to do a bit of work, can “dare to be Daniel”. Today there are no lions to be scared of. Governments value our input on all matters as that lets them know what we want done. Politicians want to stay in parliament more than anything else and so that is what dominates their lives and policies. But we must tell each and every MP what we want done because democracy is a majority based system of government. We need to win a majority of those interested in our issue.

Voice + vote = influence

Christ has provided all the instructions for Christian influence in democracy. Of course God knew we would have democracy now. Perhaps it was God who gave it to us. Let us use that influence to shape the sort of society to which Christ pointed.

I developed the highly successful Votergram service from the parable of the sower; the widow knocking on the judges door until he delivered her justice, the good Samaritan and Joshua and the walls of Jericho to name a few. I have established Voters Network to share the application of what Jesus taught, to modern democracy. Jesus said that with faith we could move (metaphorical) mountains and indeed by applying His teachings I have found we can. How else could we have  cut the road toll per 100,000 by 70% or had smoking banned on airlines around the world?

For those who want to run political persuasion campaigns to achieve fair outcomes, we have established both Voterlobby as a fee based campaign management service and FairGO as a community NFP donation funded campaign management service.

Contact us and help make Christ’s teachings a reality toay.

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