Banks make billions. Borrowers bear the burden! That’s not fair!!

I think it is in Proverbs we read “The borrower becomes the lender’s slave”. Sometimes borrowers feel they have been beaten up and left by the roadside, so we are tying to do our Good Samaritan bit in a small way. Things are a bit tough for some just now with rates rising so quickly in Australia.

Borrow Better, launched originally as “Moneygrams” in 1987 for $100 ($250 today), helps borrowers contact more lenders for more competitive mortgage loans.

As it is not a “broker” there is no $7,000 or whatever brokerage bill for the lender to build into your loan interest and charges. As Borrow Better lets banks bid for your loan business and you to negotiate for the best possible rates and charges business owners and farmers can do quite well out of it.

One borrower in 1987 saved $300,000 interest for his $100 investment. Dropped his interest rate on a 5 year $1m loan from 24% to 18%. Good to remember that what goes down can go up and interest rates are relatively low.

But those who borrowed at very low rates and are suffering from the increases that the bankers must have known would come, need and deserve whatever help they can get.

For that reason and due to the current cost of living crisis Australia-wide, Borrow Better is being temporarily offered free for businesses and farmers. Make the most of it to get the best deal whether borrowing afresh or refinancing.

Banks will always charge you the highest rate you will pay. That is how businesses sell their products and services and how farmers sell their livestock and crops too.

Competition brings interest rates and charges down.

9 thoughts on “Banks make billions. Borrowers bear the burden! That’s not fair!!”

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