Voterlobby Validates Democracy

There is so much talk about democratic disasters. Australia’s unique Voterlobby protects voters against such chaos by helping interested voters and politicians work together for the good of society. What are big problems for voters can easily be solved by politicians.

Examples road toll down by 70%, no-smoking on airliners; community pharmacies supported; ski resorts saved; classrooms air conditioned. As long as voters play their part it works.

Many voters have not yet realised that good government requires input from them. They actually know what is wanted and needed in their areas and lives. Politicians have proved remarkably keen to assist with good ideas put forward by voters.

Voterlobby has for the past 36 years given interested voters control of their society with a stunning portfolio of successes.

Around the world many claimed “democracies” have proven to be dictatorships. In others, electoral results have been questioned. This suggests that electoral results should be independently audited by major accounting firms.

But election results are not of that much interest to Voterlobby voters . They know that whoever is in power, enough MPs are likely to assist them to achieve their goals, provided that they are fair and reasonable towards the population and help those who need to be helped.

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