Using the God-given power that we have

Prayer is very powerful and it is great once one understands its purpose as well as its power. But I sometimes think that we pray for God to do things we could well do ourselves with a little bit of our time, effort and money. In Australia we do not live as subjects of an all powerful monarch or an occupying military dictatorship as Christ did. We live in a democracy in which we have truly amazing power and influence to shape society and  our own lives. Far too often we pray for God to make it work better, when we could easily do that ourselves.

I think it was God who prompted me to move from my comfortable Chartered Accountancy practice and make our democracy work better for the broad community – making it do for others what I wanted it to do for me. So I invented Votergrams, formed FairGO and Voters Network.

FairGO and Voters Network have spent 30+ years developing secret strategies that enable every Australian voter to exert power and influence over their society and over matters that affect their own lives. It takes a little time, effort and money, like everything worthwhile.

To persuade voters to elect them in the 2019 election, each member of Federal Parliament spent on average $350,000. It costs money to gain power ! Most people want a good return on that sort of spending.

If you put in $50 plus 30 minutes a month to Voters Network you could exert incredible power and influence and enjoy a far better society and life. If every Voters Network member put in $20 plus 30 minutes a month you could probably all do the same.

If you wanted someone else to handle it all for you and others like you, FairGO is an expert at that.

Power and influence are yours for the taking – like the love of God. Many have done just that over the past 34 years and achieved exactly what they wanted, both on personal and national level. One small Christian group had smoking banned on commercial airlines using FairGO’s Votergrams. It was a world first! Look what those seeds have produced.

When I started I “knew” that politicians did not care what voters wanted and just primarily worked for the people who funded them into office. Now I know that politicians DO want to help voters even more than they want to help those who fund them into office. BUT voters mostly don’t tell them what they want done, don’t build relationships with their MPs, don’t even know that is how to get power and influence because that is how democracy works.

When I started my understanding was wrong and in 34 years I have learned how to enjoy amazing power and influence for the benefit primarily of others.

In those 34 years politicians too have changed. Once voters started approaching them in the right way through FairGO, they discovered that they could help people just like they had always wanted to do, because we gave them new opportunities to do that.

So we have all learned and gained a better understanding of how we can share power for our mutual benefit. If you would like to see hris

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