The Democratic Power & Glory come from time, money and effort.

Very little in life comes free and good government certainly does not, as is obvious, no matter how much we believe that it should.

I once trusted and believed that it did. Now I know that’s Nonsense! When I think about it, it was the same in Christ’s time too.

These prime groups exert pressure on government to do what they want:

1.The rich and powerful, generally looking after their own interests.

2.The lobbyists for large publicly listed corporations or large vested interest organisations.

3.The media pushing the interests of its owners and advertisers.

4 Political party members and executives on whose support MPs depend for re-election.

5.Party donors who do not even have to mention their donation when seeking favours. That is understood. They are careful to provide good reasons in writing to prove it was nothing to do with their donation.

6.The individual Members of Parliament themselves.

7.Vocal Voters in the electorates who get to know their local MP well.

8.Those who send Votergrams to convince every MP that change is needed and explain why.

9.Those who are empowered by FairGO’s strategies and services to help them influence government

10 Members of Voters Network

Politicians can only do the will of the community if individual community members speak up themselves. That is the only way politicians can be sure of what the community wants.

Organisations and the media frequently claim to speak for “Australians”, but very often they only speak for some. There are organisations that I have or do belong to that lobby for exactly the opposite of what I want government to do.

To have a say, receive a fair go and enjoy good government, a voter is well advised to use one of the services linked above. Then they and all Members of Parliament will know exactly what they want done and why.

The FairGO Formula favours empowering individual voters, because that is the least corrupting power there is. Do you have a concern? When you want to fix it, try FairGO! It strategies are based on Christ’s teachings and they have proven very effective for 35 years. I was called out of my Chartered Accountancy practice to help voters build the sort of fair, kind and just society that God wants, without empowering myself anymore than anyone else.

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