Ride the wave of Government intentions

The best time to influence government is when it has decided to do what you want. If the new Federal Government has announced it will do what you want, now is the time to send your Votergrams.
Ride the wave and persuade all politicians to support the government in doing it. Votergrams.com.au . Your voice to parliament!

Ask and there is a good chance you will receive. Sow the seeds of ideas widely and some will grow.

Don’t wait until it it’s too late and parliament has rejected it.
The difference between Voters Network and other bodies who have followed us into the political persuasion space since we started the Votergram service in 1986, is that most of them have a particular agenda and want your support for it.
Voters Network on the other hand is there for you to achieve your agenda if it fits broadly into the category of giving everyone a fair go. We exist for your initiatives and we empower you to achieve your objectives with the help of parliament.
That is what you elect and pay it for, after all. Parliamentarians are the most helpful and powerful people in Australia. Make the most of that!

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