Numbers of Votes & Voices combined bring Victory, if you don’t SHOUT!

A very small minority controls Australia, getting what it wants by asking the right people in the right way, for exactly what it wants, and saying how it can be achieved.

The silent majority of Australians miss out, hoping that someone else will get it for them. That’s just Fantasy!

Power originates with votes. Each pauper has one vote at elections just like each billionaire.

It is not voting alone that gives them power. It is asking the right people in the right way at the right time and using their votes as an enticement or punishment.

The belief that your local MP or the PM will fix things for you is pure fantasy. That is not how life works!

Join Voters Network  and learn how to use your amazing power yourself to shape the aspect of society that worries you most. Hundreds of Australians are doing that now.

Parables & stories like the sower, woman seeking justice from judge, do unto others,  throwing stones, the walls of Jericho and knocking on doors give superb guidelines on how to shape democratic society in the way that works best.

If you want good Christian values as taught by Christ and adapted for modern democratic society, then you should take up your cross and get involved in Voters Network. It is not a “Christian” network as such, but it was started by Christians and there are a good few Christians involved. Everyone is welcome, just as Christ welcomed everyone.

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