Learning at Christmas to benefit from Christ’s messages

Christmas is a Christian holiday so let’s see what we can learn from it that helps us build a better society the FairGO and Voters Network way. Christians can have an amazing influence on society that way.

We are celebrating the birth of a child. The child grew up and taught some interesting lessons.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated

So send your federal and state (territory) MPs a personal note thanking them for all their work, wising them a happy Christmas and a productive and satisfying New Year.

Love your enemy

Do that regardless of whether you voted for or like the party in power, or not. Do what will bring MPs onside with you regardless of their party. That is how to influence government.

Ask and you will receive

If you want government to do anything, you need to ask ALL of the MPs in that parliament, because they all have a say and the majority opinion carries a lot of weight. You want a majority to  back you.

Faith can move mountains

Most of the time when I tell people that I help Australians get government doing what they want done, people respond with a comment like “I bet that does not happen” Or “As if…”

Years ago I would have said the same because I was so cross that government had treated me and my community like dirt. But as the Americans might say “I didn’t get angry. I got even.” I developed a system so that they would never treat me like that again. They never have. Wouldn’t dare, but don’t want to. They want to help me and I want to help them. They want to help you too.

Once you settle into Voters Network, use FairGO and Votergrams, you will find that you have faith in your ability to influence government and you will do it whenever you have a good idea.

Have a Happy Christmas and a most enjoyable New Year working with, not against, the government you elect and pay to serve you.

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