He came to show us how to live

Jesus did not come just to be crucified and forgive our sins! He came so that we might live life to the full in a way that worked well for others as well as ourselves, regardless of their faith. He urged us to take up our cross and follow Him. When it comes to fixing society, our crosses might be made of balsa wood like model aeroplanes, if we go about it in the right way.

God leads us in mysterious ways and we were led to develop Votergrams and FairGO through experiencing blatant government dishonesty. I was led to move away from my lucrative Chartered Accountancy practice where one of my proudest achievements was to own a Ferrari and drive it to work and back every day. As a young 20 y.o I dreamt of becoming a millionaire. By the time I was 30 I had decided to serve God instead and was a partner in a Chartered firm, on my way to forming my own. It was as I neared 40 that a 5 year old Ferrari came on the market in perfect condition for the sort of money one would pay for a new Holden. I grabbed it with both hands and drove it all over the state for years saving people battling unaffordable debt. After 5 years I sold it for $1300 less than I paid, so financially it worked well. To an accountant that is quite important.

Over the past 35 years God has taught me that democracy is nothing like what we think it is and that through that knowledge we can in fact move metaphorical mountains – personal or societal.

When a church group approached me about getting government to ban smoking on commercial airliners for the sake of the health of other passengers, they could not believe our costs were so low when the issue was so vast and meant outsmarting the powerful Tobacco industry. That church group won a world first smoking ban on commercial airliners. That was like moving a mountain. Prayer and Votergrams. The tobacco industry peak body later offered me a job with them. At a funeral recently I met the same tobacco executive again. He greeted me saying “I know who you are. You’re the “Votergram Man”.

If you will bear with me I am going to try to work through some social issues and talk about how Christ teaches us to deal with them in our modern democracy, so different to the Roman occupation under which He lived. If I am less regular with posts than you would like, please forgive me. Running voluntarily and funding most of FairGO, Votergrams and Voters Network except for a couple of thousand dollars a year in donations, then working as a bank loan consultant to earn a living, sometimes leaves me a bit short of time.

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