Corona Virus Calls for Christian Compassion and influence

Check out the FairGO Voterlobby website blog for 10 Handy hints for handling the corona crisis.

Christians have always taken a prime role in care of those who are ill.

But there is another way that Christians can put their faith into practice in this crisis. That is to share their Christian solutions with all Members of Parliament , state, territory or federal. They will set the path for the nation.

Australia is fortunate enough to have a Christian Prime Minister and a good few Christian politicians. But there are a good many politicians who would reject Christian teachings.

This is a time to:

Let your light shine by sending your good ideas to all Members of Parliament so they can consider and use them. Votergrams, inspired by the parable of the sower can help you do that in the most effective and economical way.
When you sow good ideas in parliament you become like the yeast in the bread.
Put serving God ahead of serving money particularly in the form of wages or profits.
Care for the sick
Go the extra mile
Look after those who have lost jobs or business income.
Love your neighbour, particularly if you can see that they are in trouble. People will not always tell you so it is a case of keeping an eye out and taking the chance to chat whenever that arises. ( without getting too close).
Resisting the urge to judge when the full circumstances may not be known.
Ask for assistance when you need it.
Avoid anger when under pressure
Extend kindness to everyone you meet because it is hard to know what pressures they may be under.
Remember the underlying concerns of young children and teenagers at school and youths at university or Tafe who may feel powerless to deal with the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Pray that God will give you the wisdom to know what to do, the courage to share it with those in power and the energy to work hard to achieve it.

Bring your Christian influence to bear on the decision-makers in our society. That is one of the roles of a Christian today that is different to the circumstances in which Jesus lived- under Roman occupation. Your governments work for you – if you make them!



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