Christ gives us the clues to stop madness massacres

We need better mental health services and only you can make it happen. Votergrams have been modelled on Christ’s teachings – the parable of the sower and good Samaritan story for two but we have followed many more of His teachings.

You will have ideas of how to stop a repeat of the Bondi knife attacks and shooting. In Australia and the US we have seen horrific mass murders by disturbed individuals. Our elected representatives do not know all the answers and whatever they do they get criticised in the media for it. So they need your input and your encouragement to act on what you suggest.

Give them solutions, not problems. How to deal with serious mental illnesses. Votergrams are the key to good government. You can have a huge influence on Australian society by just expressing your views to the decision-makers. Politicians are the foundations of democratic society and our experience is that they are very helpful and caring when approached in the right way. Votergrams are the right way because there is no party politics and every MP is given an equal chance to help.