Add a little bit more Salt and Light to Australian society

Salt & light   Matt 5: 13 & 16

“You are the salt for all mankind” “You are like light for the whole world.” That is what Jesus taught.

By joining the Australian Voters Network (free) with Christians and non-Christians alike, you can discuss what can be improved then persuade politicians to do it. You can play a part in guiding government into building a nation where all Australians live fulfilling lives. You can be the Salt & Light for Australia!

You know what Jesus would want us to do for our Australian neighbours. The Samaritan did it. By influencing government, you can do it too.

Inspired by Christ’s teachings I have been able to give Australians the tools to literally “change the world”, at least our bit of it. The Votergrams I invented give you huge leverage. You don’t need party politics, just a desire to love God and love your neighbour as yourself. That implies fairness for us all. That is why I set up the FairGO Voterlobby. Governments do what they are persuaded to do. They don’t just think it up. Fairness is not the same as equality. We all have different talents & want different things.

Dip your toes in the water by joining . It is about what you want done. Your ideas are vital to good government. That is the hidden message of democracy.

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