Christ’s teachings prepare people for powerful political persuasion

Consider this one:- “ Ask and you  will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”

It has a logic of its own for many circumstances, for if you do not ask you will often not receive. If you do not seek you will rarely find. If you do not knock nobody will know to let you in.

This applies perfectly to governments in democracies. Many people are critical of politicians for being out of touch. Yet in Australia each Member of Parliament represents about 100,000 people. In the USA each Congressman represents about 600,000 people. It is obviously easier for the people to get in touch with their Parliamentarians and Congressmen than for the Parliamentarians and Congressmen to get in touch with each constituent.

If we do not ask our elected representatives to have government do what we want done, then it is extremely unlikely that they will do it. However, we have found that when people ask the politicians in the right way to do something that is good, enough will generally do it to influence government to act as is wanted.

Likewise, if we do not ask our elected representatives to help us seek ways to achieve some personal or national goals for government, we are not likely to find them by stumbling over them. If we use the power of our elected representatives to seek solutions that deliver the sort of lives that would be better for us, our communities and our nation, the MPs or Congressmen will probably help us find a way to do it.

Unless we metaphorically knock on their doors they will not even know that we exist and so will not join in dialogue with us on what should be done.

Over time we will let you know the best way to go about influencing governments to govern in a loving , caring, Christian way, for the benefit of the vast majority of people.

We don’t suggest that Christians have more or better solutions than others, but many of them do sense an obligation to make the world a better place, as do many non-Christians. Our aim is to share thoughts about how Christian teaching can improve a democratically governed country. We will be happy to hear your thoughts along those lines and post them if they sound interesting

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